Which Translation Should You Trust?


A summary of the reasons a Christian should believe the Authorized King James Version of 1611 is the pure word of God and superior to all other English translations.

1. Because God promised to preserve His word pure for every generation, and the AV has more godly fruits and virtues than any other Bible, thus indicating IT is His pure word.

2. Because its English text is based on the Textus Receptus which essentially represents the majority of Greek texts.

3. Because its Greek text (and translations from it) is stained with the blood of countless Bible believing Christians who gave their life to protect it.

4. Because its Greek text was directly responsible for the Protestant Reformation.

5. Because of the time of its publication (1611); before the great movements of unbelief swept the world.

6. Because of the accuracy, vitality, and expressiveness of its language.

7. Because of the ability, character, and integrity of its translators.

8. Because of its internal consistency and honesty concerning its italics, the apocrypha, and its different editions.

9. Because of its lack of a commercial copyright.

10. Because it has greatly outsold all other English translations combined with over one billion copies printed.

11. Because of its remarkable endurance through the centuries against constant attacks and criticism from Christians and non-Christians.

12. Because over one hundred attempts to replace it have not succeeded.

13. Because of the inconsistent and emotional arguments of its critics and their refusal to believe any Bible in any language is inerrant.

14. Because it is the standard all the publishers and translators of the modern versions compare their "Bibles" against.

15. Because it is the Bible God used by choice to start every great
revival since its publication, resulting in the salvation of millions.

16. Because of the preeminent place it gives to the Lord Jesus Christ; it exalts Him at every opportunity.

17. Because it expresses every Christian doctrine (especially the fundamentals) more often or more clearly than any modern version.

18. Because of the witness of the Holy Spirit and the power and influence it has over men, saint and sinner.

19. Because God "authorized" it to be the standard English Bible in the eyes of the public through most of the last four centuries.

20. Because of its use of chapter and verse markings, making it much easier to find and note passages.

21. Because no one has proven ONE error in it yet.