The Repentance Factor

Repent* Spreadsheet

Along with this study on repentance we have developed a spreadsheet which can be opened in Excel, Libre Office, or practically any other spreadsheet program, listing every Bible verse with a form of "repent" along with several other relevant details. This spreadsheet includes for each instance or row,

The value in this is in a spreadsheet program the entries can be sorted, filtered, edited, and more. For instance, one can sort the columns and see at a glance all the instances that are from a certain original word, in the same book, have the same English translation, etc. One can filter entries to show only certain criteria, etc. It is a helpful display to view all 112 instances among the 105 verses.

The sheet also contains the full definitions of repent and repentance from Webster's Dictionary, 1828


To view, download this small file to your system, repent.xlsx and open it in a spreadsheet program. (If you don't have one installed, Libre Office, Only Office, and others are free)

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