King James Cosmology

Those Pesky "Flat-Earthers"

For the most part we have been addressing the "global" geocentrists; those who believe the earth is a globe or ball. The other geocentrism faction is the Flat-Earth variety. Concerning strict geocentrism they believe essentially the same—the earth is stable and the universe or the bodies in it moves, but there the similarities end.

The globalists contend the universe is designed much the same as the heliocentrists. That is, the earth is a round planet surrounded by the universe. Their key difference with the heliocentrists is over what moves. However, the Flat-Earthers describe a flat earth with a much smaller universe only above it. Many insist there is a solid dome or "firmament" that contains this universe.

These differences make the Flat-Earthers and "globals" rivals for the "truth." The "globals" think the "pancakers" are unscientific and the pancakers think the globals are afraid to fully believe the Bible. Watching them argue is like watching two drunken brothers mud-wrestling.

Curiously, the Flat-Earthers have been gaining disciples in the last few years while the ball-earthers have remained fairly stagnant or even lost some members. As we mentioned the modern version of geocentrism is only around 30-40 years old, but the current Flat-Earthism is only around 15 years old. It does not take much examination to realize that Flat-Earthism is an offshoot of strict geocentrism.

Ironically, the global geocentrists insistence that certain terms in the Bible like "sunrise," the earth not moving, the sun stood still, etc., must be taken literally has encouraged the Flat-Earth crowd in their beliefs. They simply take more verses literal than their global brothers. Maybe THEY are the ultimate Bible Believers!

The Flat-Earthers' beliefs are short and simple. Here is a brief list in their own words,

As for their Scriptural arguments, they do have them, and they are as "sound" as any other geocentrist argument.

To show that the earth is flat they use

To show the extent of the earth, that it has "ends," they use,

They also use the verses speaking about the "foundations" of the earth, the "pillars" of the earth, and so on. As for the nature of the sky, they insist it is solid and like a tent or dome which we all live under.

Concerning the stars they insist,

"The stars are exactly as they appear — mere points of light fastened to the sky that would fall to earth were they ever dislodged. Distant suns, far larger than the earth could not fall to earth but small points of light could."

Their verses for this are obvious,

You should see where they are coming from. They take verses that are figurative and relative and treat them as absolutely wooden literal. They put their global geocentrist brethren to shame when it comes to taking the Bible literally...and it seems to make some of the globalists "knash at their teeth." They are supposed to be the "literal" ones! They can't be upstaged by the scientifically ignorant who appear more "biblical."

Ironically, the global geocentrists don't really have any Scriptural argument against the Flat-Earthers. Yes, a few try to come up with some like claiming there is no sunrise or sunset in a Flat-Earth view, but that is merely an act of desperation with no sound basis. As we mentioned earlier, the sun does "rise" in a Flat-Earth model. It rises over one's head from the east horizon and goes down to the west horizon every day.

The only real arguments the globalists can present are practical, visual, or "scientific" in nature. The Bible doesn't aid them in this regard one bit.

We will have more on the Flat-Earth under the following Science chapters.