Dispensational Truth
God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages

Clarence Larkin

Author of a Work on
The Book of Revelation, and a Pamphlet on
The Second Coming of Christ

This Book is

to the

who, through the Holy Spirit, has imparted to me the knowledge
and mechanical skill to construct these Charts.

For Sale by the Publishers,
Rev. Clarence Larkin Est.
P.O. Box 334, Glenside, Pa. 19038
U. S. A.

Copyrighted 1918--All rights reserved.
Enlarged and Revised Edition Copyrighted 1920.

The Charts and Diagrams and Cuts in this book must not
be used in any way without written permission
from the Author.

[All of Larkin's works have passed into the public domain.]

Note from PreservedWords.com:

This complete digital edition of Larkin's Dispensational Truth was compiled by PreservedWords.com from various sources. The text was obtained by Optical Character Recognition (OCR)  from one source and several of the charts and woodcuts from other sources. We had to scan or photograph the remaining charts and graphics from a hard copy of the book.

After obtaining the raw text and graphics, we cleaned up and made thumbnails of the images, formatted the layout, and integrated the verse popups within the HTML.
The compilation of this work took many hours.

The pages are formatted to be very similar in appearance to the hard copy of the book. The charts and cuts (woodcut images) are generally placed where they fall within the book. The cuts, small charts, and thumbnails of the large charts are inline with the text. The large charts are accessed by links under their respective thumbnail. All chapters, charts, and images can also be accessed from the Contents page.

All charts and images found within the bound copy of Dispensational Truth are included. To our knowledge this is the first complete and freely available digital edition of this valuable work. It is our hope that others will find it as helpful as we have.

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The total size of this digital edition of Dispensational Truth is over 12 meg. within 236 files. It is placed on the web in hope that individuals will read the truths presented in the book and learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and his plans and purpose. We offer it freely, however, we request if anyone desires all the files of the book for their personal use, they order one of our various formats from This Page.

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Timothy Morton

Dispensational Truth

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