Bible Study Lessons
 for Children and Adults

By Ronald Williams

During the winter of 2010/11 Brother Ronald Williams contacted us with the following letter:
About ten years ago (when my children were 5 & 6) I began looking for Bible lessons we could use as our daily devotions. Unfortunately, I never found any that fully satisfied me (the curse of being a teacher). They seemed to be lacking in one or more...areas.
So I have been writing Bible lessons (off and on as time allowed) for my family since then. But lately I have been increasingly burdened to share these lessons with others and decided to see if you had any interest in posting them on (or linked to) your website. I have 30 sets (6 daily lessons per set) for teens/adults and 92 sets for children (starting at 6-7 years old).

We looked at the lessons he sent and they were well thought out and designed. They make excellent instructional material for anyone wishing to study the Bible on a basic level. The lessons are concise but quite comprehensive in scope. We gladly agreed to post them on so others can have free access to them.

Presently we have the teen/adult lessons available and should have the children lessons soon. The lessons are in PDF files for the greatest accessibility and can be printed for use.